Fishing Report Buffalo – Worm Bite Walleye

The last two days I have been fun fishing off of Buffalo for walleyes. The water temperature is finally above 55°F so the worm bite has begun. Last season I used 3,500 worms on my fishing charters. This is my favorite way to fish for Walleyes.

Worm Bite Walleye Fishing Details on Lake Erie out of Buffalo

Yesterday, May 27 was just a beautiful day; the lake was flat, but hot out. Today it rained by noon, but the lake was flat, and I had my six in the box so I went in. The walleyes are located right tight to the bottom, I am fishing anywhere from 15 to 30’ water. I am using 3 oz bottom bouncer with smiley blades, and  moving between 1 to 1.2 MPH. The bite is very light, and you have to set the hook quick. The fish are not holding the worm long in their mouth. If you don’t see fish on your graph, move to a different area. I see every fish on the graph before they bite.

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Hope to find everyone in good health and stay safe.

Tight Lines

Captain Mark